Should you get a bigger penis?

How can you get a bigger penis?

An average penis size is at about 15 cm, of course there are many variations, as in all the other parts of a human body, but most of erected penises measure from 10 to 20 centimeters.

In this article we’ll cover some questions on how to get a bigger penis you may have wondered about yourself, but never had the courage to ask a doctor or anyone who could know the answers.

This is measured from the base of a penis to the other end. However, if you want to get a bigger penis, as you are not satisfied with its size when relaxed, you may be baffled to know that penises smaller in size increase their size more during erection.

There is probably one and only way for you to get a larger penis, and this is going under surgery.

Most of the pills, creams or other medical supplements are marketing schemes and you should think twice before using those methods.

Fortunately, there are contraptions which can do the exact same thing, but caution is advised when using. These contraptions can be found by searching for penis pumps and help anyone who wants to get a bigger penis for a shorter amount of time, during a sexual activity.

Doctors can supply you with pumps that are regulated and tested, these are perfectly safe and cannot harm you in any way.

Pumps found in cheap TV commercials, however, can be hazardous for your penis and can cause other health problems, as they are poorly designed and don’t have any proof of testing, such as international certificates and such.

It’s highly recommended to visit a doctor, consult, and get a high quality pump which won’t harm you. After all, you want to get a bigger penis for pleasure, not annoyance or pain. It’s also important to note that this method will only increase size of your penis for a limited period of time.

Should you get a bigger penis?

A big penis can also represent a problem, especially to women, as there isn’t really that much need for a penis to be huge for them to enjoy a sexual activity.

Most of the nerve endings found on a female’s vagina is at the labia minor, so women actually prefer shallower stimulation.

Most of people who want larger penis might have issues with their confidence, and feel insecure about their sexuality and looks. Perhaps it’s best to discuss this issue with your loved one and try to use what you were born with properly. Many methods on how to get a bigger penis are far from natural and may cause some unpredictable side effects. Be careful!